Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) is an open access, peer-reviewed, wide scope international journal comprising various diverse aspects of science application, technology and engineering.The main aim of Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) Journal is to provide fast publication to scientists, researchers and engineers from both academia and industry, that wish to communicate recent developments and applications in their field.

  • Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) is published Yearly and final decision about each submission will be taken within in a Day
  • Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) publishes mainly technical papers that should contain new theoretical and/or test results. Science, Technology and Development Journal will also consider for publication review articles, tutorials perspectives and correspondence concerning views and information about papers published in previous issues.
  • Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) is oriented towards publishing articles that communicate advances, interesting implementations and parts of on-going research in fields of interest.

  • Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) publishes original papers in various fields of Applied Science, Technology and Engineering that cover, but are not limited to, the following areas: Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Control, Measurement and Metrology, Signal Processing,  Telecommunications, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering,  Materials Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Informatics, Data Engineering and Software Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.

In addition, Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) offers a medium to authors for fast publishing individual parts of their work that are used as basis for diverse further research (e.g. a new software ,a modification or an original measuring apparatus/technique),  specific aspects of their research that are important but not closely linked with the rest of the work (e.g. a study for the economical aspect of a technical implementation) and certain parts of their work that can be later used as citations, allowing authors to comply with page limits set by other journals.

A standard research article published in Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) Journal consists of six pages but no page limit is set.  Further, colour figures and pictures are accepted providing that they are of good quality.

An additional aim for Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) is to offer a medium to authors for publishing and permanent referring papers that have been presented at international conferences that do not publish their proceedings, providing that the author still owns the copyrights of his paper.

Further, unlike most journals, Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) accepts papers that describe negative findings and research failures, since it feels that publishing negative results is valuable and saves considerable time and effort for other scientists around the world.

Finally, Aut Aut Research Journal-(0005-0601) publishes papers from diverse fields of engineering, technology and science application and has a rather diverse oriented Editorial Board in an attempt to strengthen the collaboration of scientists and researchers of different backgrounds, which can prove valuable in their specific areas and in promoting research in general.